Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stars Hollow - WIP

I had a request to do a world similar to Storybrook County but also heavily inspired by the world Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls.  Since I already had this map started, and the pictures really looked like what I had envisioned with Storybrook I decided to go with it and see where it took me.  I am really trying to tailor this world to Seasons.  This world will feature six total 64x64 lots in clusters of 3's all very close to the equestrian center and ranch.  Let me start by saying I love it and end by saying I hope you do too!  

The town side layout

Another view of the town, modified this side to have a waterfall as well instead of an overflowing pond.

First cluster of three 64x64 lots.

Starting to build it in and see what we have for space.

Little town district shops on one side of the large park.

School with soccer field.

View of the soccer fields and the beach!

Three different "ranch" lots, two 40x40 and a 40x30 for farms

Cluster of three 64x64 lots again with the equestrian center and a 60x60 for the horse ranch and an orchard and fishing pond are over there too.  

The view!

Section of two large lots for mansions.

Another view.


  1. Absolutely amazing! I'm so excited for this one especially!!

  2. Did you stop working on this one? I absolutely love the concept as well as the work you've done. Would you consider maybe putting up what you have done for download? I looked for it but could not find it...

  3. Hmm that is super beautiful. I had forgot about it - an excellent idea to open it back up :)

  4. Please keep working on this one! <3

  5. I would love to play this add my own townspeople and head cannon the entire series.

  6. Do you plan to finished it?
    It looks beautiful please keep working on it:D