Friday, February 20, 2015

SimLau Isles - Beta Version 2 Now Available

SimLau Isles is basically built in and now it is up for testing!  There is still a lot or two needing built, but overall this world is ready to enjoy  :)

The strip in the city island 

Wedding viewpoint from a club on the beach 

Another view

Oahu Hills from afar 

Gym in the town area

Residential areas 

Executive club on the beach

Condos with two balconies there on the left 

Picture of the several port locations 

Poolside club

Junk yard

Some store stuff is used, like the basketball hoops


  1. I love this world so much! Very beautifully done :)

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  3. Just a note - It's not clear where to download things on this blog. Maybe a permanent link to the main website might help? If someone just stumbles onto the blog (as I did) it's not at all obvious what to do. :)

    I'd hate to see you lose out on any potential revenue or anything, which is why I suggested it.:)

  4. Very beautiful world, but I'm having problems placing certain rabbit holes, like the hospital, on some large lots, like the 40x30 and 40x40 lots. I wonder if it could be because of some very slight sloping that I can't detect.

  5. I've always been in love of your Meadow Glen, I used to play in this world for sooooo long now. I played a bit with the world given in Island Paradise, for the special rabbit holes but the lags and all just made me quit the game for a while. I remebered your website today and hoped you would still be building worlds... You can't imagine how happy I am. You've made my day! Thank you so much for your creativity and dedication! =) Now, It's time to try SimLau Isles!!

  6. Where Do I download it???

  7. Is it possible to download it ? Very nice world ! thank you !

  8. This is truly gorgeous and I want it. However, how do I download this? Where do I download this? I don't even see your name posted so I can look you up on The Exchange. Help!! :-)

  9. Okay, wow, I discovered the magic secret to where to download any of these worlds and real estate. Simply go to and you will find this and many other lovely worlds, houses and commercial lots of this creator's. I almost needed to call in Pinkerton to find it! LoL

  10. You can download these worlds at: