Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's Not a Makeover - It's a Whole New World!

It has been a few months since I have even touched the Sims, let alone CAW. I wanted to want to try Sims 4 but not being able to walk down the street to my coffee shops kills it for me. Now that my life is kind of calming down, I was inspired to continue on a world I had started awhile ago. It wasn't a re-make.... well it kind of was, it started with Plum Grove's map and took someone's idea to have a woodsy town all around a lake. Or maybe it was a picture - I can't recall. Anyway, one thing led to another and before you knew it I had a vision, the map almost done and was excited to start building.

I wanted to share what I was up to because, even if I decide to never finish it, in its current state it could almost go to BETA testing because it has so many of the core needed lots! The houses have a wood lodge feel in fact everywhere will. It is a small fishing town that has quite a few large lots for favorite houses. I think I am going to call it Salmon Woods as there are a lot of wooded areas. It also has a bridge going over a waterfall which someone had requested before. It will feel more like Moonlight Falls I think, when it is done :)

Someone had requested this before - a bridge going over a waterfall.  Not quite what they had imagined I suppose, but I really like it!  

This is the Red Rose Lounge.  

Outside of the Red Rose Lounge.

Area with several larger lots.  This world will have plenty of 50x50, 40x40, 60x60 and 64x64 - or at least more than any other world.  Storybrook has a lot but they are all clustered in the farming area and it won't be like that in this world.  


  1. I'm excited about this world! I swear I can't play EA worlds anymore since I started playing in StoryBrook several years ago!

  2. Looks good! I haven't touched the sims in a very long time, but starting to get back to it. Look forward to this one.